Join the Ultimate Life Circle and Become a Magic Wand Foundation Sponsor

Magic Wand Foundation Sponsors share our commitment to building a better future and are essential partners in transforming the lives of youth around the world. To make becoming a sponsor easy, we have created the Ultimate Life Circle (ULC), a family of donors that are comprised of individuals and companies whose personal work or business community involvement initiatives are aligned with our global mission and vision of empowering youth to live their dreams. These ambassadors are dedicated to establishing the groundwork of ongoing funding for annual scholarships and program specific direct services.

It’s simple, here’s how the ULC works!

We are seeking 100 individuals, families, organizations, or companies to join the ULC and commit to giving $167 per month, or $2000 annually for a term of 5 years. We are well on our way, with several corporate and individual participants and please note, you can cancel your membership at any time, for any reason.

Through annual gifts of $2,000 or more, ambassadors in the ULC provide critical operating and programmatic support for the Foundation's life-changing work year after year. 90% of ALL unrestricted dollars contributed to the ULC annually will go directly to fund Programs/scholarships year round.

Our promise: is that your contribution to the ULC will be the most impactful $2000 you’ll invest every year to a charitable organization.

Become a MWF sponsor today with a gift of $2,000 or more today.

When you become a member of the Ultimate Life Circle with a monthly gift, you’ll join a community of committed donors who provide ongoing support  to assure the long-term financial sustainability of the foundation helping us meet iour global mission related work in youth empowerment and educational training programs for educators.

Monthly giving is a convenient and effective way to donate and it saves on processing costs and bank charges, allowing a larger portion of your donation to go directly to our programs.

Your monthly gift will be processed on the first day of the month.

Please consider joining the Ultimate Life Circle today. If you’d like more details and information about signing up and getting on-board, contact Monique LaRue at (404) 921-4165 or email at for information, bi-annual updates, ULC signature events and more.