Our Founders 

Juan Casimiro (Left), Mitch Schlimer (Center Left), Scott Shickler (Center Right), and Jeff Waller (Right). 

Juan Casimiro (Left), Mitch Schlimer (Center Left), Scott Shickler (Center Right), and Jeff Waller (Right). 

In the beginning Scott Shickler, Jeff Waller, Juan Casimiro and Mitch Schlimer spent three years trying to uncover and put a name to the common traits found in happy people. In 2008, they initiated and led a three-year, $3 million effort which studied the cause of human happiness and success. 400 people - considered by anyone's standards to be highly successful - were interviewed or studied, among them Richard Branson, Dennis Waitley, Ken Blanchard, Warren Bennis, Wally Amos and Anita Roddick. Each of them expressed tremendous happiness, fulfillment and deep meaning in his or her life. So what was different about these people as compared to the 80% of adults who say they are unfulfilled?

The research found that the commonalities did not include wealth, education, skills, gender, ethnicity, religion, or even whether one came from a loving or broken home. In many cases, these happy people had endured adverse experiences which would seemingly lead to a life of misery. So if environment and circumstances were not the determining factor, what was? 

The study resulted in one fundamental conclusion; happiness and success are not predicated on what you know, they are a function of how you think. Positive mindsets are the foundation of enriching lives. Paradoxically, the research concluded that the vast majority of us think in direct opposition to the very mindsets that will make us happy and successful. The team's research confirmed why they were experiencing happiness in their own lives, but they now had substantial evidence that the power of thought could create happiness in others. 

The founders were troubled that, through media, educational systems and other means, society perpetuated messages leading to counter-productive mindsets, but they were inspired to bring about change. Albert Einstein once said, "We cannot solve the issues we face at the same level of thinking that created them." Team leaders Scott Shickler and Jeff Waller took Einstein's insight and their research to heart and co-authored "The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life." Their book not only documented conclusions of their research, it also organized happiness principles into seven, easy to grasp, mindsets - each building upon and supporting one another. 


Board of Directors

David Craig

President: Excent Corporation


Scott Shickler

Co-Founder: Magic Wand Foundation


Jeff Waller

Founder: The 7 Mindsets


Mitch Schlimer

Founder: EPICenter



Andrew & Tracy McConaghie

Founders: McConaghie Family Counseling


Juan Casimiro

Founder: Casimiro Global Foundation


Tim O'Rourke

Managing Principle: Captive Providers, LLC