Examples of our Impact


“In July 2011, through the Magic Wand Foundation, I attended the Ultimate Life Summit at age 12,” says Ricky. It was an awesome experience which made me realize that success is measured not only by what I achieved but what I was able to give.”

In 2012, Ricky began his Live-to-Give project, working with young men imprisoned at Trinidad’s Youth Training Center (YTC).

“Watching the inmates walk into the gymnasium, I saw blank expressions, but as the day wore on some of them stepped forward to share their passions, and my spirits lifted,” Ricky said.” By day’s end, we were like friends, sharing stories, having fun. This gave me hope and encouragement.”

It’s unbelievable the impact Ricky had on these guys,” said Mr. Springer, one of the officers at the YTC. “Having experienced The 7 Mindsets, they now have a way to let out the things they want to let out.”

Several inmates at the YTC shared their favorite mindsets, but one young man said the “Everything is Possible" mindset motivated him to make the decision to change his life. 


Steeve, a remarkable young man from Haiti, has encountered difficulties most of us cannot even imagine. Rejected by his father and kicked out of his home in 2008, Steeve learned as a teenager to take care of himself in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. He endured the horrors of the earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of Haitians in 2010 and yet still feels blessed by the experiences that have shaped him. Steeve’s dream is to change the fate of missions of children in Haiti, showing them that they have the power to accomplish anything they want, and empowering them to achieve greatness. 

My past does not define who I am. Rather, my difficult experiences motivate me to create a better life for myself.

Steeve was given a full scholarship to the Ultimate Life Summit in 2010. After learning The 7 Mindsets, Steeve gained admission to St. Thomas Community College in Miami where he started the first 7 Mindsets Club in the world. He says he uses The 7 Mindsets every day and they have been instrumental in helping him gain a full scholarship to Georgetown University and his current study abroad in France. His dream is to use The 7 Mindsets to positively impact the lives of millions of next generation Haitians. 


Marina, a 15-year-old from the Dominican Republic had so much difficulty connecting with people that she hid behind sunglasses to avoid making eye contact with others. When given the opportunity, though, she pushed through her fears to attend an Ultimate Life Summit. There,  The 7 Mindsets convinced Marina that she had the power to change her life.

She quickly became comfortable relating with students from around the world and took to the stage to give a powerful performance during the ULS talent show – the moment she now says changed her life.  The" Live to Give" mindset inspired Marina to organize a volunteer force to support a local orphanage near her home. She now works with a group of girls at the orphanage, convinced that her belief in them will help change their lives.

Marina’s mother said her daughter has always been shy, so she was even more inspired and proud when Marina recruited and managed 20 of her classmates to refurbish the orphanage for young girls.

“Never be afraid to search for your passion,” Marina says. “Because once you find it you are invincible.” 


Mahmoud, an Egyptian student studying at Lehigh University believed that lack of money was the reason for the dissatisfaction he felt in his life. While at the Ultimate Life Summit, he faced reality and admitted that he was using his financial difficulties as an excuse to justify his negative belief system.

He left the Summit with an entirely new attitude, committed to take purposeful action to build his ideal life step-by-step; he became determined to live fully in the present, not putting off joy until his financial circumstances changed.

“I realized during the Summit I was not talking full accountability for my own happiness. When I gave up my excuses, my whole life changed.”

Today Mahmoud is running 7 Mindsets Seminars and is inspiring thousands of youth and adults in Eygpt each year. He now says his life has been transformed, and that he is truly happy and on track for great success. 


When Cherini was a little girl, she watched a documentary film about the “invisible children” of Africa – the millions who suffer and die from disease, starvation, abuse, and war each year – and decided that someday she would do something to help. She would open a medical clinic in Africa.

By the time Cherini attended the Ultimate Life Summit the summer after her junior year of high school, her dream still felt far away, but she kept the Everything is Possible mindset in her heart. At the Magic Wand Foundation’s annual fundraiser, Cherini shared publicly her dream of helping these children. She’d taken the first step, volunteering to go a church mission to Africa, but needed $2000 for her airline ticket. She then did something difficult, especially for a shy, eighteen-year-old girl talking to roomful of strangers: she asked for help. Two fundraiser attendees paid for her ticket.

In 2010, Cherini went to Africa. She said it was one of the greatest experiences of her life and stregthend her desire to help the children of Africa. Cherini credits her ambition and drive to the Magic Wand Foundation and The 7 Mindsets.