Since it’s creation in 2008, the Magic Wand Foundation has impacted over 50,000 students and educators from more than 20 different countries around the world. The Magic Wand Foundation is committed to having a positive and lasting impact on the world and partners with a local organization called the 7 Mindsets to make this possible.

Impact on students and Educators

MWF provides scholarships to students and educators to attend the Ultimate Life Summit and 7 Mindsets University, held each year in Atlanta, Georgia. Presented by the countries leading experts on youth empowerment, this week-long training teaches the 7 Mindsets in depth and gives attendees hands-on lessons on applying the mindsets to their everyday lives. Additionally, educators learn not only how to teach the 7 Mindsets to students but also how to implement 7 Mindsets programs within their local communities around the world.

Impact on schools and organizations

Crabapple Middle School Case Study results

Crabapple Middle School Case Study results

MWF provides grants to schools and organization that wish to implement a 7 Mindsets Program at their local site but do not have the financial means to do so. Such programs include the 7 Mindsets Academy and the 7 Mindsets Masterclass. Through this channel, the Magic Wand Foundation is able to have a high impact on hundreds to thousands of students at a time. To date, the Magic Wand Foundation has assisted over a dozen schools in getting a 7 Mindsets program or product at their school.

In one instance, we implemented the 7Mindsets academy to a group of fifty-one students who were classified as "High-Risk" at Crabapple Middle School in Roswell, Ga. Within the time span of one year, the program resulted in increased student achievement, reduction in disciplinary problems, and higher student participation rate. 

Impact through book sales

Through each sale of The 7 Mindsets book, the Magic Wand Foundation donates a book to a student in need through the “1 for 1” matching program. Each book sale benefits a student who otherwise would not have access to life-changing material.