What We Do

In 2008, the Magic Wand Foundation was founded with the purpose of positively influencing as many young people across the world as possible.  

Students from the 2014 Ultimate Life Summit 

Students from the 2014 Ultimate Life Summit 

Focusing on the goal of youth empowerment, the Magic Wand Foundation (MWF) seeks to spread mindset education globally so that our future leaders can live extraordinary lives and positively impact the world. This is accomplished by providing scholarships and grants to educators, students, schools, and organizations to receive mindset training through organizations like The 7 Mindsets.

The Magic Wand Foundation delivers its mindset model to youth around the world by way of a number of initiatives. Instead of offering its own programs, Magic Wand utilizes existing distribution systems within school systems and other youth development agencies to rapidly maximize impact and reach. 

To date The Magic Wand Foundation has reached over 50,000 young people and educators in more than 20 countries- impacting them profoundly!